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Tristan und Isolde (Bayreuth Children's Opera 2021)

"One of the finest traditions in Bayreuth since the first year of Katharina Wagner's festival directorship has been the children's opera, especially since the youngsters get to hear first-class voices in it. This time, a one-hour version of "Tristan and Isolde" was on the program. For the first time in the Reichshof stage in Maximilianstraße in the center of Bayreuth. Stephan Gould was Tristan, the "Walküre" Valkyries Kelly God and Simone Schröder slipped into the roles of Isolde and Brangäne, respectively. King Marke was Norwegian bass Jens-Erik Aasbø, who will make his Festspielhaus debut next year as Fasolt. In the balcony, the Brandenburg State Orchestra of Frankfurt (Oder), conducted by Azis Sadikovic, played with such clarity and precision that it could have been mistaken for the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra." (

Die Meistersinger in Bayreuth

"The Brandenburg State Orchestra from Frankfurt/Oder, conducted by Azis Sadikovic, plays with such verve that it smoothly rips open the house-high portal at the end and daylight seeps into the opera cave." (Christiane Peitz,, 07/30/2019)

An auspicious start

"In Azis Sadikovic, the Ensemble Wienklang has found a leader who knows how to express every nuance in terms of dynamics, articulation and homogeneous interplay in his service with a multitude of elegant conducting gestures. It must be a pleasure for the orchestra to make music under such a conductor." (Hans Schelling, Traunreuter Regionalzeitung, 20.01.2010)

Who will it be?

"...but it was Sadikovic's work in the Dvorak which really impressed. There was no need to stop and rehearse details because he was so careful to show the detail of phrasing and dynamics, so pinpoint in whom he was directing his indications to. It's the kind of conducting that allows orchestras to sound their best..." (Toby Deller, Donatella Flick LSO Conducting Competition Live Blog 2014, Dec. 07, 2014)

Forging talent with Wagner, Korngold and Bruckner

"He is considered an insider tip among Austria's up-and-coming conductors: 32-year-old Azis Sadikovic sounds quite like "Eastern Europe" but is a "true Viennese". And since he won the prestigious Lisbon Youth Conducting Prize 2 years ago, numerous European orchestras have been convinced of his qualities." (Peter Dusek, Online Merker, 08.05.2015)

Are you up for "Meistersinger"?

"...the in every respect glowingly performing under Azis Sadikovic Brandenburg State Orchestra..." (Manuel Brug, Welt, 07/20/2019)

You don't miss weddings!

" noticeably captivates the youthful audience, also because, apropos Austrian participation, the young conductor Azis Sadikovic, trained in Vienna, on the podium of the Brandenburg State Orchestra from Frankfurt an der Oder, stages the orgy of sound, arranged for small instrumentation but nevertheless powerful, with a great sense for the right sound dramaturgy." (Wilhelm Sinkovicz, Die Presse, 07/26/2018)

Robert Schumann's dream of a better world

"And the orchestra, founded in 1988 - a year before the "Wende" - let itself be carried away by the Vienna-born conductor Azis Sadikovic to a form that not even the big star orchestras always achieve. In any case, the name Azis Sadikovic should be remembered. Here a high talent is maturing!" (Peter Dusek, Online Merker, 11/25/2017) E-Music by Wilhelm Sinkovicz "Azis Sadikovic is considered one of the future hopes among conductors." (Wilhelm Sinkovicz, Die Presse, 03/24/2017)

Annual bright spot

"On the balcony, the Brandenburg State Orchestra Frankfurt (Oder) under the direction of Azis Sadikovic played so clearly and precisely that one could have mistaken it for the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra." (Stephan Burianek, Opera News, 08/06/2021)